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SUN products are created with natural plant extracts and essential oils to be safe for all. We focus on developing our products from pure natural plant extracts, researched and manufactured in Japan, in accordance with the Ministry of Health’s highest standards requirements and strict regulations. However, pregnancy is a very particular physiological state, so please contact your doctor for any questions regarding SUN products during pregnancy.

How can I stay updated on SUN's latest news ?

To stay up-to-date on the latest SUN news, we invite you to visit our website constantly to check on our newsletter or our Facebook page.

What are the ingredients in SUN’s products?

For more information regarding SUN product ingredients, please fill out a contact form by clicking "Contact Form" at the bottom of the page, and choose "Product Information" as the subject.

How do I get samples of SUN products ?

We welcome any customers who are keen to test out our products. We encourage our customers to write in to seek what products are best suited to your skin and specific needs.

Are Mslabs products tested on animals ?

Mslabs offers its customers high quality products, security and efficiency, while respecting animals. We adopt organic formula using plants and fruits extract. In addition, we do not test our raw materials on animals.

Why do we get dark circles under eyes?

Dark circles also known as preorbital hyperpigmenation are of 2 types, "purple dark circles" and "brown dark circles". "Purple dark circles" are generated by interruption of the circulatory blood flow to the skin due to poor physical conditions such as fatigue or lack of sleep. And "brown dark circles" are generated by the pigment deposition under eyelids.


What happens if I use skincare products incorrectly?

If you use a skincare product incorrectly, you cannot achieve its full effects.

For example, using less than the recommended amount of lotion or emulsion may actually worsen skin dryness because not enough moisture is being provided to skin. However, overly use of skincare products may causes block pores or acne development. Always test out the rightful amount to be used. Different types of skincare products due to viscosity, active ingredients level may have different effects. 


It is important to use skincare products according to the recommended usage instructions in order to achieve their full effect.

Does the use of a variety of skincare products put a burden

The use of a variety of skincare products does not put a burden on the skin. In fact, is always good to rotate a variety so your skin will not only get use to one type of skincare products. However, if your skin is sensitive or the condition is unstable, we recommend testing one cosmetic product at a time to confirm each one is suitable for your skin before using them.


Is a rubbing type massage harmless if it remains on the skin

Massage on the skin in general helps to improve absorption and blood circulation. Some amount of massage cream that is not required to be washed is likely to remain on the skin after rubbing which is not a problem as it is not harmful. the skin becomes used to it after that. If you are worried that it will make your skin sticky, open a tissue and put it over your face to dab off the remaining massage cream which gets absorbed into the tissue, then roll the tissue and wipe your face with it to remove any massage cream still remaining on it.

Can I use skincare products for daytime at night and vice ve

It is important to use products correctly as each has a different function. Most daytime skincare products are made to protect the skin from UV rays, as foundation would be applied after that and will improve makeup wear/application. At the same time, nighttime skincare products are formulated to improve skin conditions while sleeping and offer no UV protection. Therefore, we recommend checking the product containers and following the recommended use.


How can I hide dark circles around the eye area?

Use skincare products to prepare skin and then follow with makeup base or concealer to beautifully, cover up dark circles and make eye shadow colors look more vivid.

For dark circles that are less apparent, select a concealer that matches your skin. For dark circles that are more apparent, select a concealer shade that is in between your skin and the dark circles.

In order to prevent dark circles, it is important to get enough sleep and to improve blood circulation with facial massage. Creams, serums or masks that revitalize the eye area are also effective.


The lotion is foamy every time I use it. Why is that so?

We think this is the effect of the "solubilizing agent", a type of surface-active agent used in the lotion. A solubilizing agent is used to dissolve oily ingredients, which in their original form do not dissolve in watery ingredients, in a lucid manner. Since it has the property to stabilize foam, the small bubbles formed from the vibration generated at the time of using the product do not disappear easily and hence the lotion appears foamy. However, this does not affect the quality of the product in any way and you can continue to use the product without worrying about the effects of the foam.

Do skincare products have to be weakly acidic to be good for

Skin is generally maintained in a weakly acidic state with a pH of about 4.5 to 6.5. For that reason, most skin care products are made weakly acidic to match the skin. However, the pH differs subtly depending on the use or characteristic of the product. Some skin lotions are weakly alkaline. When weakly alkaline skincare products are used, the surface of the skin temporarily becomes slightly alkaline, but healthy skin has the ability to maintain its surface in a constant state (alkaline neutralization), so the pH naturally returns to normal after a while. There is no need to worry about any particular impact on the skin.

Residues found on bottom of the container

After opening and use for a while, at times you may find residues at the bottom of the container. This is very normal as all our skincare products are natural in nature. The active ingredient may crystallise due to temperature or humidity changes. Room temperature varies widely in areas like bathroom or lavatory which are also humid. Shake the container thoroughly and the residues will dissolve again.


There is an indentation in a newly bought container of cream

Skin care products, including creams, are generally filled with a certain amount of space left in the top of the container. This is to allow for temperature-related changes in volume. Leaving some space at the top prevents overflowing of the content or cracking of the container when storage or seasonal conditions cause temperatures within the container to rise and increase the volume of the content. When a container of cream is opened, this necessary space is sometimes observed as an indentation. However, skin care products are carefully and accurately measured in the manufacturing process and the content is not less than what is shown on the label.

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