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How to use the Eye Cream Applicator/Massager

In order to improve the sensitive periorbital skin area and eliminate the periorbital hyperpigmentation aka dark eye circles, apart from using an effective eye cream, appropriate massage can also plays an effective role in removing dark eye circles. Massage enhances the blood circulation around the periorbital area and also helps the eye cream to absorb into the skin more effectively. SUN eye contour cream comes with an applicator both serve to apply the eye cream and also to massage the skin area. So do remember to use the applicator/massager every day when using the eye contour cream, it definitely give you a synergistic effect to remove your dark eye circles!

Using the tip of the applicator, scoop a tear drop size of eye cream, apply on the periorbital skin area.

2.Using the roller ball of the applicator/massager, apply the cream with light pressure on the skin area at different pressure point.


3.Evenly spread out the cream on eye skin area using the roller ball starting from one corner to another. Repeat this step to and fro a couple of times.


4.Alternatively you can also use the applicator/massager to apply the eye contour cream in a helix manner on the eye skin area.

5.The massager can also be used to rub on the eye lid at different acu-points, it helps to relieve the eye pressure and also relieve fatigues.

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