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Your face often feel dry after shower?

Does your face always feels dry after shower? at times, does it turns red or irritable? Have you wonder why? Are you feeling frustrated?

Often we are not aware after shower, those facial wash, body shampoo and hair shampoo washes off the sebum from our skin. It creates vulnerability as the sebum or oil on the skin layer helps to protect moistures from evaporating. Make sense?

However too much sebum often blocks the skin pores, if you dont remove it, eventually it will causes acne development. So whats the first step you should do after a shower?

A skin conditioner or toner usually works well. Do not think your face is now splashed with water, so is moist. In fact, this hasten the evaporating effect, it removes your facial moistures faster when the water you splashed on your face starts to evaporate.

SUN Facial lotion helps to protect your facial moistures from evaporating fast. It helps to soften the stratum corneum, hydrate the skin cells, regulate skin condition and inhibit the formation of dark spots, thus keeping your skin moist and supple at all time. Aloe Barbadensis and Arctostaphylos extract helps to keep the skin cells hydrated. 


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